How much do I love this show? Well I binged on the first five seasons in three weeks... that's how much! I had heard about this series and of course seen the promo shots (and let's be honest ladies & gents, what's not to love?) but I wasn't sure it would be a TV show I would enjoy... but yes I admit it, I was God-damn wrong! Yep sometimes the legalese did go over my head but with each episode you think surely Harvey Specter (portrayed by Gabriel Macht) & Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) won't win this one & some how they always do. On the surface this show is about the law & lives of NYC corporate lawyers (including Rachel Zane played by Meghan Markle - yes the actress dating Prince Harry) but ultimately it's about relationships esp family including non-blood relatives. And the lengths we'll go to, to protect the members of our family. Along with the emotions come the endless witty & clever statements including the classic movie-line banter between most of the main cast - genius! Fabulous cast but I must make special mention of the cat-loving, mudding enthusiast Luis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and Donna Paulsen, she who knows everything about everyone (Sarah Rafferty). 
So much to love about this series... if you're looking for something new to watch in 2017, then jump on board - you won't be disappointed! Here in Australia Universal Channel on Foxtel is currently playing the final few episodes of Season 5, with Season 6 starting next Thursday Jan 12th, Netflix has the first five seasons - although there are another six episodes of Season 5 that Netflix hasn't obtained yet - weird! - I couldn't be stuffed waiting around for 10am each day to watch on Foxtel, so I purchased the final six episodes on GooglePlay and at $2.99 for each episode which you can cast to most TVs (SmartTV or with a Chromecast) definitely worth it! Seasons 1 - 4 are $14.99 for each season, Season 5 is $19.99 & Season 6 is $33.49... I might wait till next Thursday when Season 6 starts on Foxtel + I'll be back at work by then too! (iTunes prices should be similar). I won't give too much more away but yes Season 5 definitely ended on a cliffhanger... so glad I started to watch this series - a firm favourite & the fact that 'Suits' (the longest-running original scripted series on the air) has been renewed for a seventh season makes me God-damn happy! 

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