The 7th annual CMC (Country Music Channel on Foxtel) Awards were held last Thursday night (started writing this blog days ago & then there was a server issue!) & what a night! I'm pretty sure I've been to each awards nights from the humble beginnings in the wine barrel room in the Hunter Valley to this year's awards at the over 1000-seat capacity Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. 
I love my job but sometimes it can become same ol' same ol - so nights like these where you see the best of the best not only in Australian country music but international acts too, you realise how truly blessed you are - love my job! 
It's always fun catching up with others in the industry too - not only clients, past & present but also... I guess you'd call them colleagues... normally I'm stuck in my office in Maroubra, NSW (so many people still think I'm a Queenslander... um NO!) so it's good to get out & see what everyone else has been up to! 
Highlights for me of course were Little Big Town (even though I saw them in Sydney on the Tuesday night before - can't get enough of them!), seeing Charles Esten (aka Chip - took me a while to realise that's the American nickname for Charles, why not just call him Charlie?? aka Deacon 'Freakin' Claybourne of TV's Nashville) in the flesh and Travis Collins adding 4 (3x solo awards + 1x award with The Outlaws) more trophies to his ever-growing collection (he won three Golden Guitars in January too!) - I've worked with Travis for a while now, so this was very cool - a long time coming but well-deserved! 
Overall a fab night... with performances from Little Big Town, Kip Moore, Travis Collins, Craig Campbell, Troy Cassar-Daley, The McClymonts & Lee Kernaghan was inducted into the Hall Of Fame!  
Huge thanks to the CMC team for always including little ol' KrisKat Publicity in your big night! The future of country music in Australia is lookin' good! 

Look for #CMCAwards reruns on Channel 815 on Foxtel 
1pm AEST Monday April 3rd 
I know, where have I been right? Have only recently (week before last) discovered the shenanigans at The Marbella! Netflix suggested I watch and I am glad I listened... I binged 2x seasons in 7 days. Not sure when I was hooked but probably the very beginning. From strong lead actors/characters, to the just as engaging secondary characters to the witty dialogue to the perfectly timed narration & onscreen comments, what’s not to love? I really thought this would be some fluff I could half watch/half listen to while doing something else but I quickly found myself hitting the little rewind button. Didn’t want to miss a second! I was Team Michael at the beginning but after initial thoughts of ‘who is this entitled rich ass-hat' (sorry Raf!!!) I could totally understand Jane's dilemma as I fell for both suitors. What a horrible predicament to be in? (Insert sarcasm here!) After 2x seasons I have come to realise that a perfect man (if he actually existed!) would be a little Michael and a little Rafael... Am I right? Have since found out this series has already aired in Australia via Eleven and Foxtel’s Fox 8... Yep where have I been?!?! I know! And I can’t believe I am going to say this... But thanks to Foxtel I only have to wait another week to once again hang out at The Marbella! To the cast, crew & writers.... Thank you! I haven’t been this engaged by a TV show in some time.

Don’t miss Jane The Virgin Season 3 from next Tuesday December 13th on Fox8 @ 8.30pm AEST |  Catch Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix now