The 7th annual CMC (Country Music Channel on Foxtel) Awards were held last Thursday night (started writing this blog days ago & then there was a server issue!) & what a night! I'm pretty sure I've been to each awards nights from the humble beginnings in the wine barrel room in the Hunter Valley to this year's awards at the over 1000-seat capacity Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. 
I love my job but sometimes it can become same ol' same ol - so nights like these where you see the best of the best not only in Australian country music but international acts too, you realise how truly blessed you are - love my job! 
It's always fun catching up with others in the industry too - not only clients, past & present but also... I guess you'd call them colleagues... normally I'm stuck in my office in Maroubra, NSW (so many people still think I'm a Queenslander... um NO!) so it's good to get out & see what everyone else has been up to! 
Highlights for me of course were Little Big Town (even though I saw them in Sydney on the Tuesday night before - can't get enough of them!), seeing Charles Esten (aka Chip - took me a while to realise that's the American nickname for Charles, why not just call him Charlie?? aka Deacon 'Freakin' Claybourne of TV's Nashville) in the flesh and Travis Collins adding 4 (3x solo awards + 1x award with The Outlaws) more trophies to his ever-growing collection (he won three Golden Guitars in January too!) - I've worked with Travis for a while now, so this was very cool - a long time coming but well-deserved! 
Overall a fab night... with performances from Little Big Town, Kip Moore, Travis Collins, Craig Campbell, Troy Cassar-Daley, The McClymonts & Lee Kernaghan was inducted into the Hall Of Fame!  
Huge thanks to the CMC team for always including little ol' KrisKat Publicity in your big night! The future of country music in Australia is lookin' good! 

Look for #CMCAwards reruns on Channel 815 on Foxtel 
1pm AEST Monday April 3rd 
Obviously 2016 has been a year of musical lows, there's no doubt we've lost some of our most beloved heroes but for me there's also been some incredible musical highs... including 'One For The Road' (an all-star concert at Sydney's Enmore Theatre to raise money for the families of the victims of a deadly car accident that claimed much loved stage manager Shane Cooper and left drumming luminary Mick Skelton in a coma with serious injuries. Driven by the Support Act charity it featured Aussie music greats Hoodoo Gurus, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel, The Church, Dragon, Ian Moss, Baby Animals, Choirboys, Noiseworks + more!), Rob Thomas (Sydney Opera House & Clipsal 500 - Adelaide) Richard Marx at the aforementioned theatre and more recently Keith Urban (both Sydney shows). But of course my 2016 musical highlight was seeing RSO - Richie Sambora + Orianthi, four times on their Australia tour - their first time in OZ, under the banner RSO (they were here in 2014 on Richie's solo tour, with Orianthi as special guest). 
Some may say four shows of the same act is excessive but I have been seeing multiple shows of my favourites for years now. And the final show in Brisbane raised my Bon Jovi/Sambora/RSO show tally to 80 - again some would say excessive but I wouldn't change a thing! Yes it's now a Bon Jovi/Sambora/RSO show tally for obvious reasons but my tally has always included band, solo & big events, so the count stands. This year also marked 30 years of my Jovi/Sambora fandom, so of course when Richie left the band in 2013 I was devastated (& seeing the band that year without him was certainly no musical highlight BUT with time & the following year's solo tour & this year's RSO tour, I have now come to the realisation he made the right decision. Seeing him so happy on-stage & off is an absolute delight!) 
The decision to see all four RSO shows was a no-brainer for me but the ticket/show package prices surely helped - I certainly didn't need to sell my remaining kidney! With tickets going on sale the month before the late September tour, there wasn't much time for the anxious wait (well maybe just a little!) before I was off on a mini-tour (not sure I could now handle the likes of 2000s Crush Tour when I saw 23 shows overseas - as they left Australia off the world-tour map). Orianthi's hometown Adelaide was first up as RSO performed at the city's Entertainment Centre - I had a meet 'n' greet package for this show, so the night started off with soundcheck (always cool to hear a band run through what they'll be playing later) followed by the chance to say a quick hello/thank you and grab a happy snap (relieved to get a much clearer pic with Richie again - 2014's attempts were laughable at the least. Firstly a fellow 'fan' wouldn't take a pic for me & then a camera failure turned us into aliens!) Highlights from the 1st show were the gig's opener 'When Love Comes To Town' (U2/BB King), Orianthi's rockin' hit 'Heaven In This Hell' & the encore 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' (the reason I became hooked on Jovi!). 
From Adelaide we flew to Melbourne for soundcheck & show at the Margaret Court Arena - I won't say too much about this show but yes it was odd. Should have known it wasn't going to go well as our flight was delayed, we waited a ridiculous amount of time for our hotel shuttle, no time to get properly ready for the show, pretty much got to our hotel & had to leave for the venue... yes they were late getting on stage but having been to 1000s of gigs & working in the industry, I have come to know there could be a number of reasons for this. And to point the finger at someone or some thing... is ridiculous. But I do know when there's no spotlight on the star while performing a solo or even when he mentions no lights, there's an issue! Aside from the hiccups, I did enjoy this show... most notably 'Pride & Joy' (Stevie Ray Vaughan), 'Black Or White' (Michael Jackson) & Richie's 'Every Road Leads Home To You'. 
My hometown Sydney was next... I love shows at the Enmore Theatre and this was no exception! After the less-than-stellar Melbourne show, we knew things 'would be alright on the night' as we lined up outside the theatre, we could hear a proper soundcheck going on that lasted almost an hour. Once we got into the venue for our part of the soundcheck, you could tell things were still being ironed out - all good by me, you can tell these performers are perfectionists and it means we will be guaranteed a show to remember! My friend who I've done all my OS touring with was by-chance back home & at this gig, we hadn't seen a show together since 2010 - so it was going to be a special night. I have been lucky enough to meet each Jovi member on several occasions and most were made possible by my mate, so seeing her say hi to Richie again was very cool... he did remember her from all the years of touring & it was a special moment to witness. There was a photo taken of us with Richie but not sure we'll ever see it - hopefully it'll turn up one day! Come showtime, it was evident that band and crew were back to their undeniable best - no hiccups tonight! Absolute highlight 'Harlem Rain' (Richie Sambora) in acoustic mode (which the King Of Swing pointed out was the first time he'd played it live) + 'Voodoo Child' (Slight Return) (Jimi Hendrix) + Orianthi's bluesy number 'How Do You Sleep'. My sister & 16-year-old nephew were also at this show - the nephew is now a huge Richie fan (was already in awe of Orianthi, as his musical hero is MJ) - I feel like my work is done here! 
And we come to the final night at Brisbane's Eatons Hill Hotel - as I mentioned earlier, this marked my 80th show and will always remain an absolute favourite! Meet 'n' greet was done before soundcheck for this show & this time I managed a few more words than usual... I thanked RSO for these shows and mentioned how beautiful it was to see Richie happy on-stage & off, I have a feeling he appreciated this as he commented they (both he & Ori) were very happy, I replied 'absolutely you guys are incredible together!' Of course I wanted to say more but was ushered out as Richie thanked me for coming... I know that's said to each & every one of us but still, makes me smile - he has no idea how much I have to thank him for! 
I would love to say my hometown was the best of the bunch but Brisbane wins! Longer set-list & Richie becoming a human jukebox for the majority of the encore when he asked us what we wanted to hear, has to clinch the victory! He looked at me a few times waiting for my request but I am truthfully happy to hear that man sing anything plus who is hearing my voice over all the others - ha! We were treated to some Sambora gems including the 1991 'Stranger In This Town' album closer 'The Answer' (we also got the album title track earlier in the evening), the often-requested but rarely played 'Rosie', 1998's 'Undiscovered Soul' album opener 'Made In America' & the perfect modern-day bridal waltz 'All That Really Matters' .  The band rejoined Richie and they finished up with the 80s classic 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' - perfect ending to a perfect tour! Must make special mention of the RSO touring band... Michael Bradford on bass, Veronica Bellino on drums & Adelaide muso Rob Vorel on keys - very tight band, loved watching you guys play - thank you! 
And huge thanks to Connie - my touring partner in crime, hope we can do it again & soon! We hear the RSO debut album should be released in the 1st quarter of 2017 (don't take that as gospel - things change esp in the crazy business that is rock 'n' roll!) & this fan is sure as hell ready! Thank you doesn't seem to cut it but thank you for sharing your time & talent - here's to the next time! Bring on 2017 & the new music... Xxx 

So many hits & so many memories! Thank you GM!
When I initially read the headline, I immediately hit Google... Surely it was a hoax! 5 mins later with no real results & with more credible sources reporting the pop icon's death... the realisation had hit, 2016 had summoned another of our musical heroes! As it was Boxing Day here in Australia, my first reaction was... seriously with 5 days left, you hadn't taken enough of them?!?!? As with Prince & Bowie I was in sudden shock & sadness. And then thoughts turned to my cousin, WHAM and then George solo were her absolute favs! I remember her bedroom walls plastered with George & Andrew and their music was on constant repeat. When the unthinkable happened & the duo called it quits, she went home early from school... Like most of the teenage girl population she was in mourning. Yesterday (& today & for a while to come) she mourned again. While I love George & his music, my tears were for her & the memories we shared... His music has formed part of our lives' soundtrack. And this is what I would point out to those who have criticised the outpouring of grief. Yes we might not have known him personally but when you have loved someone (albeit from afar) for so long, the grief & sadness will surface. When we sing along to their lyrics & it evokes whatever emotion, there's a connection that can last a lifetime! One of my biggest musical regrets is never seeing you live, but I do remember the last time you were here, I could hear your performance from my place! 
All I could impart to my cousin was 'turn his music up loud & smile at the memories'... While I think to myself, lord only knows how I will react & cope with such news about my musical heroes 💜💔
RIP George Michael, YOG, Yiorg - eternal thanks for the music & a lifetime of memories xxx 
Love this album... Back on constant repeat!
Keith Urban
© Kris Katsanis, 2016 - Keith live in Sydney
So it's been over a week since Keith Urban toured the country & ended his 71 date RIPcord World Tour down under BUT I can still vividly remember the shows & I listen to Keiffy any chance I get! Our Keiffy (yeah I know he was born in NZ & has lived in the US for years now but we'll claim him any day of the week!) is a true performer in every sense. From the minute he strides on to the stage, you know you are in for a memorable night! His guitar skills are totally underrated & I recommend any guitar nerds to check him out. The energy level of the all-male band never wavers & is totally infectious - when Keiffy tells the entire crowd to jump, every single audience members is bouncing off the floor! Your author was lucky enough to attend both Sydney shows and is hard pressed to pick a favourite... Crowd might have been a smidge more energetic at Qudos Bank Arena but they performed 'I Told You So' at Sydney's new ICC Arena so it's a tough one! While they performed many new tracks from the current album the set lists were peppered with plenty of the hits including 'Where The Black Top Ends' from Urban's self-titled American debut album and 'Stupid Boy' which snagged Keiffy a Grammy award in 2008. The addition of Carrie Underwood to the Aussie leg of the tour was a perfect fit considering the cross-over success of their duet ' The Fighter' - of course this was a highlight of the shows! Carrie is an amazing singer - the girl sure has some pipes! Her rendition of 'I Will Always Love You' in honour of her idol Dolly Parton is simply sublime. Local support act Buchanan were impressive - am sure we will hear more from these guys. Overall two awesome shows - in my humble opinion, you can't leave a Keiffy show without the feeling that you were entertained! Ticket prices are in no way excessive & absolutely worth every penny... Keith Urban = a top night out! 

© Kris Katsanis, 2016 - Carrie kicks things off in Sydney
© Kris Katsanis, 2016 - Keith & Carrie live in Sydney
© Kris Katsanis, 2016 - Keiffy on the geetar
© Kris Katsanis, 2016 - Keith & Danny Rader
© Kris Katsanis, 2016 - the boys in the band farewell their crowd
Was on my daily walk this morning (see pic of the beautiful but sometimes stinky Gordon's Bay situated between Coogee & Clovelly on Sydney's eastern beaches) and remembered I have some live gigs coming up next week! Not much makes me happier than live music. Have always loved seeing my fav artists live in concert and that feeling just before lights go down is simply the best! Have lost count how many gigs I’ve seen over the years but it’s been over 30 years now. I’d need to ask my mate Linda how many times I’ve seen Keiffy (yep I can’t bring myself to call him Keith, even when googling him, I type Keiffy – ha!) as she’s been a long-time fan and was fortunate enough to see him at the Birkenhead Point Tavern (I think that was the pub) many many moons ago! Most people would dismiss Keiffy as a country crooner (can’t believe I just typed that, it’s something I try & avoid at all costs in my day job!) but he is always entertaining live and is totally underrated on the geetar! His band is consistently tight including one of the coolest dudes on the planet, Mr Jerry Flowers on bass. You never leave a Keiffy show with the feeling that you weren’t entertained… He knows how to connect with the audience and make you live in the moment. Looking forward to doing it all again next week - twice! Make sure you get there early to catch special guest Carrie Underwood! 

The Ripcord World Tour kicked off in Adelaide last night, heads to Melbourne & Canberra before rolling into Sydney next Tuesday at the Qudos Bank Arena & Thursday at the ICC Sydney Theatre (incidentally the first show at the brand new venue)  – more details HERE or at Ticketek

Most will know Sarah as the front woman for The Superjesus i.e. the award-winning Aussie rock band; I have always loved their sound esp Sarah’s vocals. So I was rapt when I found out she was the opening act on the RSO (Richie Sambora & Orianthi) Australian tour – Sept 2016. It was a pleasure watching Sarah perform at each of the four Aussie shows (I should point out here that I am a die-hard Bon Jovi/Sambora fan) especially considering some of the support bands I've had to sit through over the years… but Sarah was pure entertainment both with her music & candid banter with the audience. Special mention must be made of her rock-dog Chachi… it was instantly clear it wasn’t her stage debut when she joined Sarah at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre. With just her guitar & vocals Sarah was the perfect choice to warm up the crowd before the Aussie premiere of RSO. The track that I remember the most from these shows is the instantly catchy & sweet ‘Scouts Honour’ – months later, it’s still stuck in my head! I now own the “96% Love Songbook” EP, (which features the track) - hit up Sarah’s site for more details HERE & watch the official clip HERE  

So to whoever selected Sarah (& Chachi) for this gig… thank you! 

Find Sarah: 

Sarah & Chachi on stage at 
Sydney's Enmore Theatre, Sept 29th 2016