I know, where have I been right? Have only recently (week before last) discovered the shenanigans at The Marbella! Netflix suggested I watch and I am glad I listened... I binged 2x seasons in 7 days. Not sure when I was hooked but probably the very beginning. From strong lead actors/characters, to the just as engaging secondary characters to the witty dialogue to the perfectly timed narration & onscreen comments, what’s not to love? I really thought this would be some fluff I could half watch/half listen to while doing something else but I quickly found myself hitting the little rewind button. Didn’t want to miss a second! I was Team Michael at the beginning but after initial thoughts of ‘who is this entitled rich ass-hat' (sorry Raf!!!) I could totally understand Jane's dilemma as I fell for both suitors. What a horrible predicament to be in? (Insert sarcasm here!) After 2x seasons I have come to realise that a perfect man (if he actually existed!) would be a little Michael and a little Rafael... Am I right? Have since found out this series has already aired in Australia via Eleven and Foxtel’s Fox 8... Yep where have I been?!?! I know! And I can’t believe I am going to say this... But thanks to Foxtel I only have to wait another week to once again hang out at The Marbella! To the cast, crew & writers.... Thank you! I haven’t been this engaged by a TV show in some time.

Don’t miss Jane The Virgin Season 3 from next Tuesday December 13th on Fox8 @ 8.30pm AEST |  Catch Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix now  

Netflix! I have only recently joined but already discovered so many TV shows I had no idea existed… some of my favs include Bloodline, Stranger Things, Broadchurch, Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23, The Principal, The Moodys, Touch, The Ranch, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jane The Virgin (I will blog more about this one soon!), The Fear Of 13 and of course Making Of A Murderer! The latter started it all off… I had heard about Steven Avery and this crazy real-life documentary from friends, the news, social media and I had to watch it! Wow… it didn’t disappoint, can’t wait for Season Two and I truly hope Steven and his nephew Brendan find justice and soon!

Am loving that you view at your own pace, as slow or as fast as that is but it’s entirely on your terms. You can watch an entire season in one weekend or even one day! Thinking back to the 1980s, I would never have dreamt that would one day be possible… back then you had to view your fav show at the day & time it aired and if you missed it, you missed, too bad! Gotta love technology!