I know, where have I been right? Have only recently (week before last) discovered the shenanigans at The Marbella! Netflix suggested I watch and I am glad I listened... I binged 2x seasons in 7 days. Not sure when I was hooked but probably the very beginning. From strong lead actors/characters, to the just as engaging secondary characters to the witty dialogue to the perfectly timed narration & onscreen comments, what’s not to love? I really thought this would be some fluff I could half watch/half listen to while doing something else but I quickly found myself hitting the little rewind button. Didn’t want to miss a second! I was Team Michael at the beginning but after initial thoughts of ‘who is this entitled rich ass-hat' (sorry Raf!!!) I could totally understand Jane's dilemma as I fell for both suitors. What a horrible predicament to be in? (Insert sarcasm here!) After 2x seasons I have come to realise that a perfect man (if he actually existed!) would be a little Michael and a little Rafael... Am I right? Have since found out this series has already aired in Australia via Eleven and Foxtel’s Fox 8... Yep where have I been?!?! I know! And I can’t believe I am going to say this... But thanks to Foxtel I only have to wait another week to once again hang out at The Marbella! To the cast, crew & writers.... Thank you! I haven’t been this engaged by a TV show in some time.

Don’t miss Jane The Virgin Season 3 from next Tuesday December 13th on Fox8 @ 8.30pm AEST |  Catch Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix now  



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