The recent Justin Bieber tour has got me thinking… no I didn’t attend but I had some teen cousins come from Adelaide to see him in Sydney & I was concert transport. So over the three days there was lots of Bieber talk & naturally of my own fan-girl ways. Some of you will know I am a huge Bon Jovi/Sambora fan, have been for 30 years and have been blessed to seem them around the world & meet them a time or two.
The girls wanted to try & meet Biebs – yeah good luck! They asked for my expert advice/tips etc But I asked the question, ‘Do you really want to risk him yelling at you?’ Yes, I like many others saw the ‘news’ reports of Biebs telling a ‘heartbroken’ fan ‘you make me sick’… I knew there would be more to that story! Thing is this ‘fan’ had stalked him the whole day, he had repeatedly told her I don’t want to have my photo taken, still she persisted & said 'I'm going to take it anyway'. So when she eventually got her prized selfie with a sullen Biebs and then he gave her a few choice words she was heartbroken… wow really you’re shocked he eventually cracked and had a go? Come on!
I am by no means condoning his behaviour on this occasion or others but seriously I would never want to be famous, I’ll take the fortune but NOT the fame. Cousin Irini sent me a link to another story as I started to write this blog, the story was titled “Bieber Eats Out In Sydney As Crowd Of Young Women Watch Awkwardly” – seriously there was about 17 girls just watching him eat! After he ate, he tried to get away and had to run down the street as they chased… insane! And before anyone says I shouldn’t talk (my brother would! Has called me ‘stalker’ for years) I must point out I would never stand & stare as my fav rockstar ate… I would hope to be eating with him – just kidding! Seriously… there is a line - when they are eating, with family or having obvious down-time, do not interrupt them or just stand & stare EVER!  
As I said I have been blessed to meet my favs on a number of occasions and I would be mortified if they ever said to me ‘you make me sick or get out of my face’ or something similar. If I feel like I’m intruding on their time, I probably am! I guess this has come with age & experience but I have never been one to chase or squeal when I see my favs & yes even as I watch them in concert… I sing along (not audibly – nobody needs to hear me sing – ha!), clap, whistle and enjoy every second but squealing just ain’t for me. In recent years with Sambora, I was asked by security to come out from behind a pillar at a hotel – I was trying to stand out of the way but still catch a glimpse of the man, security thought I was planning my stalk… on this occasion I was mortified! I tried to explain to security he didn’t need to worry about me but not sure it worked, he doesn’t know me & his job is to keep Sambora safe & get him out of those situations… even though most of his fans aren’t teens, some can still be full-on!
So back to Bieber… why do these girls (or boys) act in this way? Just for the prize – a selfie with their idol? Just so they can say they’ve met the man, been in the same breathing space as him and have their five minutes of fame too? I wonder what those selfies look like? Are they worth it with Biebs looking totally pissed off & not happy to see you? Pass! I have never been a fan that needs to get a photo every time I meet my favs… I would much rather chat & let them know how much I enjoyed the latest album/concert etc Let’s be honest - the photo is a souvenir and to show off… nice to have but not necessarily worth it! (And yes I’ve had a shocker photo with Sambora… only because the camera was dodgy – I laugh about that now, my friend is still mortified – love you Connie!)
So I don’t get it… would you treat your friend or family member in that way? Continue to pester them, harass them, chase them, piss them off just to get a photo? Probably not, so why do it to your idol/fav pop/rockstar? I would much prefer to say thank you… not sorry! (See what I did there?) And at the end of the day, they are human & put on their pants, one leg at a time, just like the rest of us… sure their day to day lives are different BUT just like everyone else they need space & some time for themselves… when they are working that’s a different story but when they are trying to eat or enjoy some down-time after a gig, it doesn’t give you the right to ask for more of their time.
I have always said we ‘choose’ to be fans, they don’t owe us anything… most rockstars do appreciate & try to show their appreciation to long-time/diehard fans but it doesn’t mean they all will or should! Especially when Biebs has asked for fans to calm down, not treat him like a piece of meat etc he’s not going to change his mind when you are squealing at him, watching him eat or chasing him down the street… keep it together & maybe just maybe you’ll get to speak with him & gasp… even get a selfie! <<Insert fan-girl squeal here!>>


18/03/2017 10:56pm

YES! Well said! I still recall you edging me away from 💙Rt down at Glenelg all those years ago. How beautiful was it to watch him wander & shop with Mari relaxed & carefree 💙 We have been sent close havnt we especially most recently. My fondest memory 💙💙😎😎


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